How it works

The item is firstly cleaned and the surface prepared for the resin. We can also carry out repairs to cracked or broken dashes at this stage.

The special 2 part epoxy resin is then applied to all the surface area of the item question. An electrostatic charge is then created that propel the fibres on the adhesive coated item.

Hond Civic Dash being flocked
Hond Civic Dash being flocked

This causes the flocking fibres to penetrate and imbed in the adhesive at right angles to substrate forming a high density, uniform flock coating or layer.

After the application of the flock the item must be left for at least 72 hours before it is fully cured. Even putting a hand near the item can upset the flock becuase of the static charge on your hands. Once cured the item can be vacumed to remove excess loose flock and the item is ready for putting into your vehicle.